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Corporate Social Responsbility


We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. Being regarded as the most socially conscious incense manufacturer is as important to us as producing an authentic product.



No child labor is used in any aspect of our business. We strictly comply with all labor laws and statutory requirements in hiring and providing compensation. Our dedicated work force is the reason we are able to offer good quality products in the market. We make every effort to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic work environment with good ventilation, friendly atmosphere and all facilities that make it a fulfilling place to work in. Sarathi’s employees enjoy compensation and benefits per competitive market standards. We also extend financial id for the employees’ children’s education.

The green philosophy is an extension of our holistic work ethic. We draw from the environment for our range of natural fragrances. We, therefore, ensure that we cause the environment no harm in the process of reaching our product to the market. We make every effort to reduce wastage at every stage of manufacturing. All waste materials are recycled in a scientific manner prescribed by the law. We believe that fragrances must spread joy, not trouble. We do not use any chemicals that are harmful to users or the environment.


The Sarathi family founded the Sarathi’s Charitable Trust in 1980 to create the legacy of giving back to society. For over three decades, the Trust has been reaching out to sections of society that need a helping hand. Education is a pet philanthropy effort for Sarathi’s Trust because education empowers individuals to make their own life choices.

The Trust has built a high school in the remote village of Murgamalla in Chintamani district, 80 km from Bangalore. Over 400 children are benefitting from this school. Additionally, the Trust makes several grants everyyear to finance the higher -education dream of students from low-income families. Many of these students are now successful doctors and engineers, who have managed to turn the financial tide of their families.
The Trust also regularly extends donations to worthy social causes that have a significant and immediate impact on the wellbeing of low-income families.