Tulasi Pure Sandalwood Incense

Tulasi Pure Sandalwood Incense

8 Sticks Short Square Packs

With Real Rose and Sandalwood as main ingredients, this product consists of incense sticks for general purpose. One of the better ways to bring the nature’s natural aroma into your living place is to burn these incense sticks and to create the moment to rejoice. Tulasi Pure Sandalwood Incense has 8 sticks in each pack and the box consists of 25 packs.
25 Packs per box
50 Box
Measurement in CMS
L: 44.0 x B: 46.0 x H: 44.0
Volume CBM
Weight in KGS
Gross: 16.600 x Tare: 1.600 x Nett: 15.060
Container capacity-cartons
20Ft: 326 40Ft: 651
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  • I have been so impressed by your product… wonderfully soothing fragrance!..

    - Julie Shankle, Memphis, USA

  • Found the aroma truly spiritual & relaxing, better than anything else I have experienced..

    - Pammi Singh, New Delhi, India

  • Great Products excellent service..

    - Teodor de Mas, Product Manager, Spain