Tulasi Aromatherapy Incense packs

Tulasi Aromatherapy Incense packs


This is a package kit offered exclusively for Tulasi Aromatherapy Incense packs with 6 fragrances - Meditation, Energising, Sensuality, Refreshing, Stress Relief, Relaxing. With reference to a particular course of action, corresponding fragrant sticks can be used to obtain intellectual, substantial prosperity. It creates fascinating environment to deliver mental therapy and substantially attain health benefits.
8 sticks square packs 6 packs in gift pack
192 units
Measurement in CMS
L: 63.0 x B: 55.0 x H: 33.0
Volume CBM
Weight in KGS
Gross: 25.000 x Tare: 2.00 x Nett: 23.000
Container capacity-cartons
20Ft: 254, 40Ft: 507
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  • I have been so impressed by your product… wonderfully soothing fragrance!..

    - Julie Shankle, Memphis, USA

  • Found the aroma truly spiritual & relaxing, better than anything else I have experienced..

    - Pammi Singh, New Delhi, India

  • Great Products excellent service..

    - Teodor de Mas, Product Manager, Spain