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Manufacturer of Incense Products: Sarathi International

We are proud to call ourselves as the manufacturer and exporter of incense products, being able to reach numerous individuals through our premium incense products. Sarathi International Inc. started its operation in 1945 in the IT capital of India - Bengaluru. as a small incense stick manufacturer. Today, it has grown as a trusted entity not only in India, but across the globe. To keep up the promise by giving the best possible incense products, we always work hard as a team and ensure to pass out the high quality products with equally good packing method. With systematic production methods, we follow a defined path of functionality in our process of blending different natural and herbal ingredients. We are equipped with superior quality machineries and instrumentation set-up at our manufacturing unit. Following the quality principles at every stage of activities, we assure that only premium products are sent for packing.

Since the ancient civilization, fragrance sticks and cones are playing a vital role in religious ceremonies. Knowing the benefits of agarbatti or incense sticks, it has spread across various horizons such as spas, parlours, meditation & yoga classes, workplaces, shops and homes. To gain more positive energy and create good ambience environment, more and more people are using incense or dhoop sticks and incense cones during various activities. As per individual tastes and likes, incense sticks and cones are available in more than 100 aromas including SandalWood, Cinnamon, Kasturi, Rose, Violet, Strawberry, Pancholi, Myrrh, Frankincense etc.

We provide opportunity for the enthusiastic entrepreneurs to take up the distribution of our incense and dhoop products at their locality. They can join hands in serving the people by providing superior incense sticks, fragrance oils, dhoop sticks, incense cones etc. in variety of aromas. Distributors of Sarathi International Inc., have an advantage of obtaining the association with the well recognised “Tulasi” brand incense products. Loyalty for the brand and distribution of our incense products depend on its packing and fragrance used. We at Sarathi International Inc., gives appropriate attention to both of these factors, hence our distributors / dealers can secure sufficient market for our incense products.

Our Team

Our founder B.N.Sarathi is an all time Guru for the organization, who believes in constant dedication, perseverance and professional ethics. Long associated team of workers at Sarathi International Inc,. are smart and skilled to deliver their set of tasks on-time with everlasting pace. Being a good leader, he has structured the company in a systematic manner in view of producing the incense products at the defined time, constant quality checks, aesthetic packing, on-time delivery, high productivity and customer satisfaction.

Working crew at Sarathi International Inc. has been well trained by our experts management team in delivering the assignments at optimum quality and at the defined time. Because of their dedicated and focussed work, we are able to promise our distributors and consumers on the prime features of our incense products. The entity has been winning awards every year from the Karnataka State and Indian Central Government for its continued commitment towards the incense product manufacturing and exporting. We believe in adding value to our employees portfolio by educating and coaching them in a proper channel. By frequent training and knowledge development programs, we are enhancing the knowledge of our team members and workers to get in touch with the updating technologies, ongoing advancements and trends. Parallelly, we adopt them in our process of incense production and packing.

Range of Products

To bind the energies and to utilise them effectively, we need an external force. Such a force has to enter deep into our soul and organize the self in a proper channel. Our team has built the range of incense products in this perspective. To let our end users experience ultimate satisfaction through the fragrances, we have designed the products with various categories suiting to their requirements. Our products are Incense sticks (agarbatti), Fragrance Oils, Incense Cones and Incense Burners.

Incense (Dhoop) Sticks:

In this competitive world, most of the people work timelessly and get tired often. The tiredness is not only for the physical body, but mental stamina suffers parallelly. To monitor our health and enjoy the journey of life by fulfilling our personal desires, both mind and body should support. Burning incense sticks emerges the aroma that has the capability to make its way into our thoughts and physical sense. Incense sticks are those which purifies air, fills positive energy into the atmosphere and makes direct impact on our actions.

Also called as agarbatti / agarbathi, incense sticks has made its place in every individual’s home. Day starts by burning incense sticks and inhaling the aspiring aroma. It’s like a refreshing agent for the body and soul, that energises every individual and inspires to be calm and patient. Certain factors such as arrogance, urgency, anger etc, deviates the mind from the track and takes away the peace. Fragrances of burnt incense sticks does a magical tricks on human mind by developing the peace of mind and gives opportunity to think and act.

Various cultural traditions across the world have a practice of using incense sticks. From traditional rituals to medical therapy and air freshening to tension relief, stick incenses are widely used by the people. Understanding the health benefits that can be achieved, more population has adopted the culture of using incense sticks that cures respiratory illness, relieves tension, act as disinfectant, etc. Incense sticks are also used in aromatherapy for the treatment.

Being the domain experts, we are manufacturing and exporting incense sticks since 70 years and posses the client base in 45 nations across the globe in Asia, Latin America, North America, Middle East, Far East and Europe.

Fragrance Oils:

We are prominent wholesalers of fragrance oils prepared from natural herbs and plants. Offering various applications including laundry, scenting, soap / candle making, cosmetics - incense oils of Sarathi International Inc. has become a regular consumable need for millions of people. Our fragrance oil undergo series of quality check before packing to ensure optimum featured output. Since few decades, we have expanded the horizons in providing opportunity for more number of people to use our incense oils and get the maximum benefit out of it. Parallely, we have bonded with distributors and dealers spread across the world possessing strong association with them.

Fragrance oils can be used numerous ways. It is also called burning oils or perfume oils. To use fragrance oils as air freshener - few drops of oil has to be poured into a bottle containing water and to be mixed well. Then the blended liquid has to be sprayed into the air to experience an ambience. Another way to create aromatic room is - mix the water with 3-4 drops of incense oil and pour them into a incense oil burner. Light the candle at the base of burner. The mixture of oil and water gets heated up and starts to evaporate while creating an aromatic environment. When fragrance oil is applied to a fluorescent light bulb and switched it on, heat dissipated from the bulb will evaporate the oil, thereby scenting the room.

Fragrance oils can be used for cleaning purpose as well. Few drops of fragrance oil has to be mixed with starch or baking soda and let it soak for a day. Mix them well and use for cleaning the carpets. In order to cover the unpleasant odor of the shoes, incense oils can be used. Oils when applied on the shoes will emit pleasant aroma, hiding the bad odor. Fragrance oils can be scented to any unscented creams, shampoo or lotions.

Incense Cones:

Similar to incense sticks, incense cones are used to create the aromatic ambience in the surrounding area. They are cone shaped hardened masses made out of natural and herbal incense materials. The fragrance that is emitted by incense cones are slightly different than that of incense sticks, due to the absence of wooden sticks. Similar to incense sticks, cones are produced with numerous fragrances to obtain relaxing and pleasing environment upon burning.

Incense cones emits smoke with amusing and refreshing aroma while spreading across the room in a very lesser time. It switches the complete environment into a calm, pleasant and inviting phase and losts for longer time. Incense cones are widely used in India, China and counterparts for rituals in temples, mosques and churches daily. It is more popular in rural parts which are used during women’s post pregnancy.

To achieve stress free mind and to gain enormous health benefits, incense cones are burnt almost daily in various houses apart from the cultural rituals. Fragrance and smoke of incense cones brings prosperity to the newly born baby and the mother. Smoke of incense cones are believed as a homogenous mixture of positive energy, pleasant aroma and disinfectant. There is a direct relation between the environment we live and our mind. To tune our mind, it is essential to fill the environment with positivity. Incense cone is an effective media to deliver this set of action while enhancing the psychological and physical well-being.

Incense Burners:

To give a better experience in using our incense oils, we are offering incense burners with eye-catchy designs. In order to obtain better soothing effects and to create ambience using the incense oils, our incense burners makes a vital impact. We design incense burners in such a way that, aroma should spread across the room uniformly and with consistent outflow.

Choosing the adequate burners with good aesthetics makes better sense for the users to burn incense oils. Our stylish oil burners enable hassle free vapourising of incense oils. Burner’s upper bowl has to be filled with water, while placing few drops of incense oil upon. Once a candle is placed underneath the bowl and lit with fire, incense oil evaporates as steam while emitting amazing aroma.

Fragrances and their effects:

To change our mood and to bring peace of mind, fragrances plays a vital role. Each aroma has its own benefits on physical and mental health. While inhaling the fragrances, that are emitted from burnt incense sticks / cones / oils, without any formal notice it fills the positive energy within. Let us look at the effects of few widely used fragrances.

Nag Champa:

Champa flower being the basis of Nag Champa fragrance, is a widely used among the rest. Nag Champa incense sticks and cones are produced by blending the ingredients such as wood power, halmaddi paste, henna, Benzoin resin, Champa flower, Geranium, sandalwood, vanilla etc. Through its resinous tones with celestial sweet warmth, it serves as a keynote of classic fragrances. It uplifts the mood and act as a buster for stress and tension.

Frankincense and Myrrh:

Frankincense and Myrrh are considered to be a precious fragrance in various countries, which is widely preferred in most of the rituals. This is a best suited aroma in healing an emotional, spiritual and physical imbalance. Resin of these plants is used in addressing the health issues as well. It has its application in toothpaste, skin creams and cosmetics. Coming to the medicinal benefits, it serves as an antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. It boosts the immune system and improves circulation of blood.


To attain peace of mind, calm effect to mind and body - Lavender is an effective aroma. It is a stress reliever and helps in relaxation of mind to a greater extent, henceforth assists in getting a sound sleep. Lavender flower is an excellent choice to express love and attract opposite sex. This is well suited for meditation, as it open up the mind and free from worries.


Patchouli is known for its property for uplifting the spirits and releasing stress. It gives hope for sensitive nerves, while eliminating the disappointing moods. Because of its earthy fragrance and medicinal properties Patchouli is used in hair care, skin care & bath products. It gives remedy for cough and allergies. Patchouli oil can be applied for cuts and wounds, which heals them soon. It boosts the immune system and fight against inflammation.